Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition Winners 2016

Last years competition was extremely successful! There were entries from nearly every Commonwealth country, with nearly 13,500 entries overall.

Winners and Runners-up of The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2016 were Inessa Rajah, Gauri Kumar, Esther Mungalaba and Tan Wan Gee.

Hear their stories below!

Senior Winner: Inessa Rajah
Durban, South Africa

Essay:A short story exploring the trouble of holding an entitled position in the face of poverty and conflict-induced resettlement.

Personal Profile: Inessa studying at Durban Girls’ College. The reason why she entered the competition is that the competition gave her a opportunity to write about a relevant, thought-provoking topic.

Junior Winner: Gauri Kumar
Singapore, Singapore

Essay: Gauri focused on the difficulties faced by immigrant families who could not communicate with their relatives because of language barriers. She discussed the use of language in a serious and mature way to coordinate different identities.

Personal Profile:Gauri is currently studying at the Tanglin Trust School and the Singapore Chinese Women’s School.

Senior Runner-up: Esther Mungalaba
Lusaka, Zambia

Essay: Esther wrote a mature assessment of Europe’s Migrant Crisis.

Personal Profile:Esther graduated from the Kasisi Girls secondary School in 2014.

Junior Runner-up: Tan Wan Gee
Singapore, Singapore

Essay: Tan Wan Gee wrote a s letter to Santa Claus in poem form.. The central theme of the poem was equality.

Personal Profile:Wan Gee is a student of Temasek Junior College.

Could you be a 2017 winner? Find more details on The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition here , or alternatively contact us!

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