Our Welsh Winner!

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Although The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition is international, there is also a Welsh Winner!

We at RCS Wales run the PKV Prize, a cash reward for the best essay written by a Welsh student.

The PKV Prize is named after Mr P K Verma, the original Chairman of RCS Wales. His son, the current Chairman, Mr R Verma, set it up. He created the prize to honour his father’s memory, as Mr P K Verma was incredibly active in the Welsh voluntary and charitable community.

We had a chat with members of RCS Wales to find out more about the PKV prize!

So, how is the winner of the PKV Prize decided?

“Well, the judges read and rate all the entries from around the globe. They let us know if there are any outstanding Welsh entries, which we can then read and give the prize to. We’re hoping that this year we get both an international winner and a local winner!”

And what happens to the winner?

“We members of RCS Wales usually visit the winner’s school, and give them their certificate and prize. We take photographs, and congratulate them on their wonderful essay.”

Does only the winner get a certificate?

“No, everyone who enters does too. Just entering the competition is an accomplishment, we believe. It shows determination to write and complete your work to a timescale, and a passion for creativity, and, in this year’s case, peace.”

Do you have any final tips for entries?

“My main advice would be to take risks and write whatever you feel like writing. The competition allows real insight into the way that youth view the world, and we like the writing to be honest and passionate, what people actually feel like writing, rather than what they think we would like to read.”

The competition ends on 1st May – get your entries in to be in with a chance to win the PKV Prize!

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