Top Tips for a Winning Essay


Writing an essay does not come easily to everyone, so here at RCS Wales we want to help! We’ve designed some Top Tips to help you plan, write and check your essay, to ensure your entry is the best it can be. Don’t forget to check the RCS website to see further details and instructions on what your essay must involve!

  1. Ensure you understand your theme in order to begin your essay, and identify key topics to discuss.

 This year’s theme is ‘A commonwealth for peace’, and there are multiple topics to choose from – check out this blog post we made to help you pick! Make sure you understand what your topic is asking you to discuss. Next, identify the key themes and start planning the structure of your essay before beginning to write.

  1. Entice your readers with a winning first sentence.

The first sentence is the most important for the essay competition. An attractive, powerful, interesting, moving first sentence will seize the eye of judges, attract the reader’s interests, and leave a deep impression. It is a great first step to make a winning essay.

  1. Always check your essay for grammar and spelling.

An essay may have brilliant content and thought-provoking ideas, however with poor spelling and grammar it can never be a winner. If you are not great at spelling or grammar, ask a parent, teacher or friend to help you! There are also great online materials to help if you are struggling.

  1. Be creative and innovative.

For your essay to really stand out, try being creative and bringing forward new ideas. Taking a risk can really pay off! You want your entry to be unique. Past winners have even taken the term ‘essay’ loosely and written poems! Try to be the entry that sticks in the judges minds.

  1. The end should be as strong as the beginning,

Towards the end of your essay, once all your brilliant, creative ideas and written, you may just want to quickly finish the essay and submit it. STOP! The end is a vital part of your essay, and the final memory the judge will have of your entry! With careful planning, you can create an ending that summarises and concludes your thoughts, and leaves the judges wanting more.

Get your entries in by 01 May 2017!


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