Commonwealth Day 2017

Commonwealth Day is held annually on the second Monday in March, this year falling on Monday March 13th. It is the celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations, and is an opportunity for the commonwealth’s 52 member states to come together and celebrate Commonwealth values and diversity. Commonwealth day 2017 marks 40 years since Commonwealth Day became a global celebration, and this years theme was
A Peace Building Commonwealth

The largest Commonwealth Day Celebration is held in Westminster Abbey, and attended by Queen Elizabeth II, the Commonwealth Secretary-General, the Commonwealth High Commissioner and 800 school children. It is the largest multi-faith ceremony in the UK, and one of our members, Yla, was lucky enough to attend this year. Her highlight was Cody Simpson singing “What a wonderful world” during the ‘Fly a Flag’ celebration.


Westminster Abbey’s Commonwealth Flags

In the Welsh capital, there was a similar ‘Fly a Flag’ celebration (sadly without Cody Simpson). The service was held in Cardiff’s Mansion House, taken by Reverend Stewart Lisk. The Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Cllr Monica Walsh, attended the service and delivered a speech on the true value of the Commonwealth, as an increasingly multi-cultural world seeks unity, understanding and tolerance.

The Commonwealth Flag was flown by young members of the United Kingdom Army Cadet Force.




Our digital campaign team was fortunate enough to be invited to the event at the Mansion House, where we enjoyed the speeches, celebrations and desserts laid out for guests.

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