RCS Wales and their Cardiff University Digital Comms Team

RCS Wales is currently working with six students studying MA International Public Relations and Global Communications Management at Cardiff University!

RCS Wales has given the team the opportunity to work on a website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and this blog in order to promote The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition.

The six of us in the team are Yla, Martina, Jiani, Lexie, Jane and Marina. We come from countries around the world and are in our early 20s, which is why we feel that we can communicate with the youth from commonwealth countries, and advise them when it comes things like The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition!
Our course involves a lot of essays, so when it comes to destressing or planning and writing essays, we know what we are talking about.

Working with RCS Wales has been exciting, as we have attended events in both Cardiff’s Manor House and Westminster Abbey. Partners of RCS Wales get great opportunities like this. At Westminster Abbey we even bumped into students from Coleg Gwent, a school RCS Wales worked with for the South Wales Youth Summit!


This photo shows Martina, Jane, Marina and Lexie working with RCS Wales at Commonwealth Day!

We thought that we could try to help people get creative when entering The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition, so we each decided to try to answer Topic 1, ‘Peace.’, by taking a letter each, and giving an answer starting with that letter…

Let’s see how we got on!

Lexie: ‘P

Pacifism. No more wars and the world would be pretty peaceful!

Jane: ‘E

E is really tricky! I supposed E could be an Easier Way Of Life? Life would 100% be easier with more peace…

Marina: ‘A

I think I have the easiest letter… for me, A could stand for A World United.

Martina: ‘C

For me, C would stand for Caring About Each Other.”

Jiani: ‘E

Equality! A peaceful world would need to be equal, for sure.”

Yla: ‘.

Of course I’ve got the only punctuation… I can’t think of a reason STARTING with a full stop, but I guess a full stop symbolises an end to something. An end to greed, cruelty and violence.”

So, you have our views on peace – what are yours??

Let us know in the comment section and consider entering
The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition!